Episode 8: Mini Orange Cake
December 13, 2023 - 00:26:48

Episode 8: Mini Orange Cake

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The last episode of the second season of the Biscuit People Podcast serves up a delectable treat for its listeners as Jacob van Kogelenberg takes center stage to unravel the secrets behind the packaging and production of a Mini Orange Cake. From the unique sealing technique to the intricacies of the biscuit layers, our experts provide an inside look into the making of this delightful confection.

Packaging Precision

One of the standout features Jacob highlights is the packaging. Each corner of the Mini Orange Cake is sealed separately. The bottom is sealed with precision, ensuring the cake stands still and secure. The outer layer is crafted from polypropylene material, providing transparency but lacking protection against light. 

The Biscuit Layers

As the conversation progresses, Jos Vast delves into the Mini Orange Cake itself, explaining its three distinct layers: sponge, filling, and chocolate. The biscuit baking and filling processes are demystified, showcasing the complexity involved in creating this seemingly simple treat. 

Ingredients Unveiled

Jos, reads out the ingredients list, breaking down the composition of the Mini Orange Cake. Notably, 44% of the cake is comprised of fruity filling, which includes orange juice concentrate. The division of chocolate, egg, and sponge follows, with a traditional sponge recipe modified to prolong shelf-life. Jos sheds light on the role of the remaining ingredients and their significance in maintaining the product's quality.

Challenges and Solutions

In a pivotal moment, the hosts question how more filling didn't overflow beyond the edge. Jos takes apart the biscuit, offering a detailed example to unravel the mystery. The discussion also touches on the use of glucose-fructose syrup and how it contributes to the overall product experience.

As the Biscuit People podcast wraps up its second season, this latest episode serves as a rich source of insights into the world of biscuit manufacturing. Listeners are treated to a behind-the-scenes journey of the Mini Orange Cake, discovering the meticulous craftsmanship and the delicate balance of ingredients that contribute to its exquisite flavor and texture. Tune in to the final episode of the season for a deeper understanding of the intricacies of biscuit making.

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