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Meet the Driving Force of Biscuit Industry
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5 biscuits
Walid Badreddine
Production Manager
20 biscuits
Bukola Kayode Olopade
Senior Quality Control Officer
5 biscuits
John Lulu
5 biscuits
Tanmoy Basak
Production Manager(Food Technologist)
20 biscuits
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Zahid Iqbal Zia
Food Processing Expert
30 biscuits
Donna Peacock
founder highlalnd crackers
10 biscuits
Yasser Saad
Production Head
5 biscuits
G. Arumugam
I am working in the biscuit manufacturing different kind of biscuit cookies, cracker, cake, wafer, wire cutter cookies, double colour biscuit,depositer dropping cookies ect and also sweet,ball gum and bubble gum last 21 years.
5 biscuits