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Cocoa Powder
Hi Everyone! I just would like to ask if you can recommend a good supplier of dark cocoa powder, something similar to what they use for oreo cookies? I am aiming for that kind of dark cocoa color. I...
suggestion for protease enzyme brand for wafer batter?
Dear All,  Could you suggest any protease enzyme brand for wafer batter?
Problem with snack cracker (Dough with protease)
I formulate a Snack cracker similar to ritz or club type, and i got the adequate texture, color and flavor in the finished product, but the surface of the biscuit is rough. What can I do to get a smoo...
Maple syrup using in biscuits or cakes
Dear all, Is there anyone who uses maple syrup in biscuits or cakes? Could you tell me your experiences?
Dear All, I need to know alternatives acidulant for baking powder instead of Sapp.(slow reaction for short biscuit)
Flavour suggestions
Dear All Members Please advise to me if you have any experience about EMD in bakery products ( Enzyme modified dairy )  Regards Rasik