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Bakery Solutions

On-site and Online Consultancy/Training in Product Development of Biscuits, Crackers,Wafers,Cakes and Bakery products with short and long Shelf life.

Food production facilities should conform to the principles of Quality standardization and Cost Effectiveness in processes involved in the preparation of a product. This requires an in-depth attention in order to achieve viable perfection  throughout all the operations involved starting from Procurement of Raw/Packaging Materials till its distribution to the end consumers.
We can assist in all the areas of manufacturing that might have a direct or indirect  impact on the sustainability and growth of your Bakery and Biscuits Business.  
We offer the following technical services to our Clients globally ranging from Retail business to industry involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of Bakery products like Biscuits, Crackers, Cookies, Bread, Burger Buns, Long Shelf life Cakes, Muffins, Puff pastry, Chocolate, Extrusion products and a variety of yeast-leavened and Chemically leavened products :

 Designing a Project/New product. 

 Improvement in the existing product and process modification.

 Cost Reduction and Process optimization at all levels. 

 Product quality uniformity. 

 Factory Layout and productive Engineering. 

 Effective Food Plant Hygiene. 

 Develop Recipes, Quality Systems and Procedures.

 Trouble shooting. 

 Training & education of Bakers and Managers. (Off-site and On-site) 

 ISO Standards, HACCP, GMPs, Food Safety training and implementation.
                Contact Details :    WAHEED  AHMAD   


Chaklala Scheme III, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
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