Episode 6: Tenerezze
November 21, 2023 - 00:21:27

Episode 6: Tenerezze

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Discovering the Sweet Secrets Behind Tenerezze Biscuits with Lemon in Our Latest Episode!

In our upcoming episode, the spotlight is on Tenerezze biscuits with lemon, as we embark on a fascinating journey guided by the insights of Jacob van Kogelenberg and Jos Vast. From the unique choice of packaging to the surprising ingredients, this episode promises to unravel the delicious mysteries behind these delectable treats.

Jacob sets the stage by delving into the intriguing choice of a premade bag for these delicate biscuits. Contrary to expectations of a vertical packaging, the premade bag proves to be the ideal choice due to its significant advantage – a minimal falling height during production. This becomes crucial as the biscuits, being fragile, are more susceptible to damage with increased falling height.

Aluminum Interior: Shielding Against Oxidation

Within the premade bag, the material used for the interior is aluminum, strategically selected to ward off the damaging effects of light. With a high risk of oxidation looming over the biscuits, this precautionary measure ensures the longevity and freshness of the product.

The Starry Imprint: A Visual Delight

A closer look at the Tenerezze biscuits reveals a star-shaped pattern on top. Jos demystifies this visual delight, attributing it to the intricate making process

Natural Ingredients and No Stabilizers

A surprising revelation unfolds as butter is identified as a key component in both the filling and the biscuit itself, raising concerns about the oxidation process. The exploration of ingredients continues, revealing the unexpected inclusion of eggs in the filling. Notably absent are stabilizers, typically anticipated in such products. Tenerezze biscuits boast a natural ingredient profile, enhancing their appeal to conscientious consumers.

Irregularities and Innovative Packaging

Discussion continued when Jacob noticed packaging is labeled for disposal as paper. He unfolds the reasons behind this forward-thinking packaging, adding another layer to the allure of Tenerezze biscuits.

Our experts observe irregularities at the bottom of the biscuit. Why is it happening? Let's find out togethet in our 6th episode! 

Uncover the Sweet Secrets - Click Below!

For a comprehensive exploration of the Tenerezze biscuits with lemon, click below and immerse yourself in the captivating world of flavor, craftsmanship, and innovation. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the entire episode, where every bite tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and sweet surprises!

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