Episode 1: Wasa Sea Salt Crackers
October 17, 2023 - 33:00

Episode 1: Wasa Sea Salt Crackers

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We're starting our second season with exploration of the captivating world of Wasa Sea Salt Crackers.

Salt and its impact on our health is a topic that never ceases to spark debates. We often hear that we consume too much salt, which makes our journey into the world of Wasa Sea Salt Crackers all the more interesting. These iconic crackers come in a pre-made bag that's more than just a simple container.

We begin our exploration by examining the reasons behind the choice of a pre-made bag for Wasa Sea Salt Crackers. There are many advantages to this packaging, including four faces for communication that allow for engaging with consumers on various levels, making the packaging an essential part of the brand's story.

When talking about seals, Jacob van Kogelenberg is explaning the difference between top and bottom seal. The bottom seal is glued, a detail that might seem insignificant but is essential for stability. This seemingly small feature highlights the meticulous efforts that have gone into creating a sturdy packaging for these beloved crackers.

Have you ever wondered why there's a seal on one of the corners? It's a detail that raises questions and piques our curiosity, and we'll explore the reasons behind this unique choice.

While diving into the packaging of Wasa Sea Salt Crackers, we can't overlook the type of film used and its thickness. This is a crucial factor in preserving the freshness and quality of the crackers. We'll discuss how these elements play a vital role in maintaining the product's integrity.

Wasa Sea Salt Crackers boast a unique blend of ingredients, including potato flour, wheat flour, vegetable flour, and rapeseed, among others. These ingredients give the crackers their signature shape, product size, and distinct thinness. 

The debate between sea salt and regular salt continues. Jos Vast is here to unravel the differences between these two salt varieties and explain why sea salt is chosen for Wasa Sea Salt Crackers, adding that special touch to the flavor profile.

You may also wonder why modified corn starch and glucose syrup are part of the recipe. These ingredients play a significant role in the cracker's texture, taste, and overall quality. We'll delve into the specifics of their contributions.

So, what sets Wasa Sea Salt Crackers apart from other snacks? Join us on this fascinating journey into the world of Wasa Sea Salt Crackers, where even the packaging holds intriguing secrets. Tune in to our podcast and uncover the artistry behind these delightful snacks!

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