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David Woollard

Oil spraying and Seasoning specialist, over 35 years working in the food industry, developing and building solutions
David’s understanding of flavouring for food products using wet and dry techniques is immense covering both the techniques and implications for applying flavour in multiple different ways. Low fat, low salt, flavour blast, flavour plus, limon, con leche, shapes, mini eggs, twix, and fisherman’s friend, are all part names given to global products that have passed through the hands of David’s technical skills. David Woollard has 33 years of experience working with topical ingredients, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and innovations involved with flavour application. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985, after receiving his degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London. In 1987, he joined seasoning and coating specialist Arcall, becoming Managing Director in 1997. He was responsible for leading the design and development of the revolutionary spinning disc and spray gun techniques for Arcall’s full range of spraying products. This led to creating coating and seasoning solutions for brand giants such as Kellogg’s, Frito-Lay, Kraft, Pepperidge Farm and Nestle, as well as other well-known food companies in the US and over 60 countries around the world. In 2011, Arcall became part of tna solution Pty. Ltd.’s family of brands. At tna, David is managing the company’s entire line of seasoning and coating solutions while leading the development for all new innovations in his area of expertise. David has excellent sales, financial accounting and analytical skills, fully understands Cad drawings and has many development design concept successes. He has a mastery of Excel and all Office products, is a CRM administrator and database specialist. “David has the history of Arcall, all their developments, machine designs, parts lists, spares and suppliers to be able to support customers to keep these machines in a good working condition, he is also available at consultancy rates to advise on their use and further capabilities”
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