Episode 4: Blevita
November 07, 2023 - 00:24:30

Episode 4: Blevita

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Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 4 of the Biscuit People Podcast. In this episode, we delve deep into the world of Blevita crackers with our special guests Jacob van Kogelenberg, a packaging expert, and Jos Vast, an ingredient maestro. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind these intriguing crackers.

Packaging Solutions

Jacob noted that the crackers boast a distinctive matte appearance and a precisely engineered sealing area. This unique feature is the result of an additional coating that sets Blevita apart from others. Furthermore, the easy-to-open packaging comes in two different sizes, ensuring that customers can choose the right amount to suit their snacking needs.

The choice of materials for Blevita's packaging is a meticulous one. Although it may not be as illustrious as aluminum, it is designed to minimize material usage while maintaining adequate packaging integrity. 

The Intriguing Ingredients

Jos Vast delved into what makes Blevita crackers so intriguing. These delectable snacks are a harmonious blend of five different types of grains, sunflower oil, sesame seeds, skimmed milk, salt, malt extract, yeast, and sodium bicarbonate. Notably, these crackers contain a remarkable 12% fiber, which is relatively high, and a significant 30% protein content. What's more, their sugar content is impressively low.

The cracker's baking process is an interesting one. They are made using an extruder, which results in the formation of numerous small holes. These holes serve to ensure moisture is efficiently expelled during baking. The imprint on the cracker, resembling handwritten text, adds to their unique charm, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top create a fine, regular structure that enhances their overall appeal.

Potential Risks and Popularity of Crackers

You might wonder, what potential risks could lurk inside these delectable snacks? Why are crackers like Blevita so popular and widely used? These crackers can be enjoyed as a simple snack, a base for various toppings, or even as an accompaniment to soups and salads. Their easy portability make them a convenient choice for people on the go. Furthermore, the wide variety of flavors and textures available ensures that there's a Blevita cracker for every palate.

In conclusion, the Blevita cracker is a marvel of both packaging and ingredients. Its unique matte appearance, packaging integrity, and delicious, nutritious ingredients make it a top choice for snack lovers. As we explored today, the Biscuit People Podcast is your window into the world of biscuits, crackers, and all things baked. Stay tuned for more exciting insights and delicious discoveries in the world of biscuits.

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