Syntegon Equipment Manufacturer from Germany
Syntegon Equipment Manufacturer from Germany


Need quality biscuit packaging equipment? Syntegon is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging technology. Find out more!

About Syntegon Technology

We are Syntegon – your partner for processing and packaging technology in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Whether you require individual machines, automated packaging systems, or services: Syntegon sets standards in packaging innovations and offers you tailor-made, reliable production processes for high-quality results.

Our vision: intelligent and sustainable solutions for everyone. We inspire you with new levels of simplicity and efficiency. We continuously minimize product loss and waste as well as the use of resources. Our solutions are flexible, appropriate, and fast. From consulting and services to machines and systems – we support you in creating your competitive advantage.


Our customers are just as diverse as our products. They range from retail to premium brands in the food industry, from generics manufacturers to research-based pharmaceutical companies, and from start-ups to major corporations. We draw on up to 160 years of experience as processing and packaging machine manufacturer and a global presence with more than 30 locations. We live our values of fairness, passion, future orientation, and reliability. Our mission is our daily drive: processing and packaging for a better life.



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Benefits for biscuit producers:

  • High OEE
    • Fast, repeatable changeovers achieving vertical start-up
    • Robust design using standardized parts and easy maintenance for high availability in a multi-shift operation
    • Efficiency, waste, cleanability
  • Flexibility
    • Pack style flexibility meets current and future consumer demands
    • Quick format and product configuration changes for greater pack style variety
    • Flexibility to expand the system with demand; later adaptations depend on actual market needs
  • Product protection
    • Gentle product handling through the entire process
    • Low impact on the product for minimized product breakage and waste
    • Enhanced shelf-appeal thanks to tight packs and precise sealing
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