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Makprogres d.o.o.
Makprogres d.o.o. Biscuit Manufacturer
Makprogres d.o.o. is a company that is a key player in the confectionery industry, in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region.
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Tortina plus Vincinni

Tortina plus 300g Vincinni consists of 10 sponge cake bars filled with flavored cream. Tortina plus cake bar is a soft cake coated and decorated with cocoa.

Tortina plus is available in four flavors:

  • milk
  • cocoa
  • caramel
  • strawberry

Special standards: IFS, HACCP, ISSO 9001, HALAL

Nutrition table
per 100 gper portion (30 g)% GDA* portion size (30 g)
Energy 1928 kJ/459 kcal5820 kJ/138 kcal7%
Fat22,79 g6,8 g10%
- of which saturates9,37 g2,8 g14%
Carbohydrates58,91 g17,7 g8%
- of which sugars51,49 g15,4 g17%
Fiber0,09 g0,03 g/
Protein4,62 g1,4 g3%
Salt0,21 g0,03 g<1%
*GDA = daily benchmark for adults, based on 2000 kcal per day. Nutritional needs of individuals may be higher or lower, depending on gender, age, physical activity levels or other factors. 
SPONGE CAKE FILLED WITH COCOA FLAVOUR CREAM 15% AND COCOA TOPPING 5% COVERED WITH COCOA COATING 30% Ingredients: DOUGH (50%): Wheat flour, sugar, whole egg powder, glucose syrup, soya flour, whey powder, palm oil, emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol ester of a fatty acids, soya lecithin), wheat starch, raising agents (disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), salt, preservative (potassium sorbate); COCOA COATING (30%): vegetable fats (hydrogenated fat (palm, soya, rapeseed), sugar, cocoa powder 15%, emulsifiers (soya lecithin), flavour: vanilla; COCOA CREAM (15%): vegetable fats (palm oil), glucose syrup, sugar, dextrose, cocoa powder 5%, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavoring: chocolate, acidity regulator (citric acid); COCOA TOPPING (5%): (glucose syrup, sugar, cocoa powder min. 8%, skimmed milk powder, modified starch, salt, preservative-potassium sorbate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), acidity regulator (citric acid), flavoring: vanilla. May contain traces of hazelnut. Cocoa coating contains min. 11% cocoa solids. Store in a cool and dry place. Expiration date: see packaging. Produced in Macedonia.
Product: Tortina plus 300 g (Cocoa - Barcode 5310115006404, Milk - Barcode 5310115006435, Caramel - Barcode 5310115006428, Strawberry - Barcode 5310115006411). Packaging: box, Number/#: 12, Number/Pallete: 864,.
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