by CHOPIN Technologies

The SDmatic determines the starch damage content in less than 10 minutes using amperometry.

Measurement principle

The SDmatic measures iodine absorption in a diluted flour suspension. How fast the iodine is absorbed by the starch depends on how damaged it is.

The main applications

  • Fine tuning of the mill : checking the alignment and condition of cylinders.
  • Increasing dough yield (by adjusting water absorption during mixing).
  • Adjusting dough stickiness.
  • Optimizing the volume, color and shelf life of finished products.

Type of products

There is an optimum starch damage content for every product.



Easy to compare versus enzyme-based methods: simultaneously displays various measurement units.


The SDmatic adapts to your needs. The calibrations can be customized with the help of CHOPIN Technologies Applications Laboratory.


Method Measurement Range Precision
SDmatic 12 - 28 UCD +/- 3%
AUDIDIER 10 - 18 % +/- 7%
AACC 4 - 9% +/- 13%
FARRAND 14 - 45 units +/- 18%


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