Sandvik QuickCleaner

by Sandvik

Fast, safe and effective belt cleaning.

The Sandvik QuickCleaner system offers a fast, easy and safe way of removing carbon residues and potentially hazardous acrylamide from bake oven belts.

The QuickCleaner process is an innovative and extremely effective solution to the challenge of cleaning bake oven belts, using a low cost salt-based agent to clean, degrease and sanitize in one efficient operation.

This delivers a better quality, more appealing product and also eliminates the health risks associated with carbon build up.

Dual action cleaning with minimal downtime 

This innovative process, developed in partnership with food industry specialists and leading academic institutions, works through a combination of mechanical and chemical action.

The cleaning crystals – a mixture of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and calcium phosphate – are blasted at the steel bake oven belt at high pressure, removing the bulk of the residue without damaging the steel.

The chemical action then attacks the organic residues at a molecular level, further enhancing the cleaning process.

This dual action operation results in belt cleaning times as much as 70% faster than other processes.



Sandvik Process Systems is the world’s largest – and oldest – manufacturer of steel bake oven belts, supplying OEMs and end users around the world.