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Makprogres d.o.o.
Makprogres d.o.o. Biscuit Manufacturer
Makprogres d.o.o. is a company that is a key player in the confectionery industry, in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region.
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Napolitan wafers Vincinni

Napolitan wafers are made according to high quality recipes with irresistible taste of cocoa, hazelnut, or milk and cocoa.

In the retail network it can be found in packages of 60 g, 80 g, 160 g, 350 g, 700 g.

Sweet dessert for each part of the day. Napolitan wafers is a crispy enjoyment that melts in your mouth…

Special standards:


NAPOLITAN WAFERS - COCOA. 75% cocoa cream (Ingredients: powdered sugar, vegetable fat (palm ), cocoa powder 5%, skimmed milk powder, corn starch, emulsifiers: soy lecithin ), 25% wafer list (Ingredients: wheat flour, sunflower oil, raising agents: (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), emulsifiers: soy lecithin, salt). The product contains gluten, milk and dairy products, soy. May contain traces of hazelnut. Store in a dry and cool place.
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 60 g, 80 g, 160 g, 350 g, 700 g. PACK PER CARTON: 24 pcs in display * 6 in shrink box, 36 pcs shrink box, 20 pcs shrink box, 18 pcs shrink box, 9 pcs shrink box. SHIPPING CARTON WEIGHT: Shrink box: 60*24*6=8,4 kg, 36*80 g=2,88 kg, 20*160 g = 3,2 kg, 18*350 g= 6,3 kg, 9*700 g=6,3 kg. LOADING: Shrink boxes/pallet: 160, 160, 80, 80. TRUCK STOWAGE QUANTITY: 33 pallets. SHELF LIFE: 12 m.
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