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KPM ANALYTICS - CHOPIN TECHNOLOGIES Equipment Manufacturer from France Equipment Manufacturer
CHOPIN Technologies, a KPM Analytics' brand, is specialized in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flour and their by-products.
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Mixolab 2

Measures the characteristics of dough during mixing, as well as the quality of starch and protein


1. For Breeders

  • Facilitates wheat seed variety selection from generations F4-F5

2. For Millers

  • Wheat testing at point of delivery
  • Detection of pest-infestation in wheats
  • Wheat and our blends optimization
  • Adaptation of flours for final uses through precise dosing of additives
  • Analysis of different flour mill streams
  • Assessing the impact of damaged starch

3. For Bakers

  • Verifying the conformity of delivered ours
  • Studying the rheological behavior of fiber-rich flours
  • Facilitates the elaboration of gluten-free products
  • Studying whole-wheat formulas

4. For All

  • Optimization of customer specifications and quality control


The Mixolab measures the consistency of a dough subjected to the dual constraints of mixing and increasing temperatures.

It analyzes the quality of protein and the starch using a 50 gram sample of the flour.

Compliant with:

The Mixolab complies with the ICC 173, the AACC 54-60.01, AFNOR V03-764 and GOST P 54498-2011 standards for the determination of the rheological characteristics of flours and wholemeal.

Mixolab 2

  • A reliable, innovative and efficient device
  • Precise, automatic mixer temperature regulation (max: 90°C)
  • Robust, easy to clean, dual component aluminium/stainless steel mixer
  • Easy to remove water tank for simple, rapid cleaning
  • Water added automatically, rapidly and very precisely (+/- 0.02 ml). Possibility to add water in different fractions (pump capacity: 75 ml)
  • Full electronic calibration on all the measurement points on the Chopin+ curve (temperature & torque) for greater analysis precision

Application examples

  • Analysis of wheat varieties (analysis of flours or ground grains)
  • Analysis of various types of flour (bread wheat, durum wheat, barley, rye, rice, corn,
  • quinoa, cassava, etc.)
  • Analysis of the effects of additives (enzymes, gluten, emulsifiers, protease, lipases,
  • cysteine, amylase) or ingredients (salts and substitutes, sugars, fats)
  • Analysis of the effects of fibers on dough behavior
  • Evaluation of the effects of damaged starch
  • Analysis of dough sampled directly from the process line
  • And much more!
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