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LoeschPack Equipment
LoeschPack is a technology and quality leader in packaging machines and complete systems for packaging chocolate, chewing gum, confectionery, dry bake...
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Flow wrapping Loesch F-Series

Integrated flow wrapping system for packing biscuits and dry baked goods

Depending on the application and size range, the high performance flow wrapping platform can output up to 1,500 products a minute; both heat and cold sealing film can be used in the process.

Extremely short format changeover times of under 15 minutes and precisely reproducible settings guarantee stable machine operation after only a very short time. Particularly with frequent format changeovers, the reduced start-up issue equates to huge performance increases in the machinery.

The smart sensor system, innovative control architecture and self-regulating sealing technology are all genuine highlights: the self-regulating control architecture allows for automatic parameter changes during operation – from the electronically controlled product feeder to product discharge.

This ensures greater independence from fluctuating environmental influences. Largely self regulating sealing technology means fewer rejects when changing speed, stopping and starting.

Flow pack styles:

  • Primary: Single items
  • Primary: Multipack as stack or slug
  • Secondary: prepacked items
  • Secondary: filled tray

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