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Smart Biscuit Stacker

Product Feature

● All driven rollers adopt screwless design, which can quickly and easily replace the belt without using tools.
● The belt is automatically tensioned, and the belt is automatically released when the machine is stopped, thereby extending the life of the belt.
● Equipped with automatic correction function, automatic photoelectric tracking correction.
● Equipped with pressure sensor, when the air pressure is insufficient or no air pressure, the machine will alarm and stop running.
● The outline of the stacking star wheel adopts a unique design, and the angle and height can be adjusted independently to adapt to different sizes of products.

Technical Data

● Suitable for round biscuits, rectangular and square biscuits.
Biscuits size: 20-80mm;
Thickness of biscuit: 2-15mm
● Operating Voltage: 380V/220V 50HZ
● Machine weight: 1500kg


● All interfaces are equipped with waste trays to prevent biscuit chips from falling;
● All cylinders are equipped with protective covers;
● Equipped with belt scraper, effectively clean belt dust;


Mr Wong

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