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EverSmart high speed sandwich cookies machine by 360 degree rotary cream pump

Application: high speed biscuit sandwich with cream or jam

Advantage: by 3200 sandwiches per minute, cream accuracy within 0.05-0.1g, jam accuracy within 0.1-0.15g

Advanced design: Both heating and cooling function available by jacket water recycling system. Advanced cream weight accuracy can be 0.05g. Cream pump can be adjusted by 360 degree, very easy to dis-assembly and assembly to clean cream pump each day even for new workers! Equipped with advanced pneumatic and photoelectric sensor. Adopt Japan Tsubaki push chain for precise cream position on biscuit.

To think more for your employees. Each day they need to replace the cream pump for cleaning. But over 90% cream pump's adjustable location is very limited. It means they have to spend a lot of time on installing cream pumps back each day! With EverSmart, no worries, 360 degrees adjustable!

Taking Italy and USA technology, mainly adopted USA, EU and JAPANESE key accessories, bring your fantastic application!


Contact:EverSmart Food Equipment Limited

Whatsapp: +8618688287288