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Double Row Biscuit Sandwiching Cream Machine

Product Feature

● Modular cantilevered structure.
● Mono or duo-coloured cream filling.
● Version with one or more cream pumps.
● The double-walled cream tank and cream pipes with water jackets allow uniform tempering of the cream. To adapt to the production environments of different temperatures.
● Cleaning of chain pushers with brush and compressed air jet during machine operation.
● “No biscuit No Cream” system,and the cream supply automatically restores when there are biscuits.
● Accurate filling: The cream is applied precisely and uniformly, even when starting and stopping the machine.
● Equipped with pressure sensor, when the air pressure is insufficient or no air pressure, the machine will alarm and stop running.
● Easy detachable waste collection tray for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
● Shape: round, square, rectangle or any other special shape.
● Standard product size range is from 35 mm to 65 mm.
● Efficient and accurate servo system count and group the sandwich biscuits.
● The advanced servo system precisely locates the position corresponding to the packaging machine (or tray).

Technical Data

● Applicable biscuit specification:
Round biscuit: Φ35-Φ65mm;
Rectangular biscuit: 35-65mm
Thickness of biscuit:2-8mm
● Yield: Depending on the product characteristics. Mechanical speed maximum 1600 Sandwich/ min
● Operating Voltage: Three-Phase 380v 50hz/60HZ


●Biscuit moving systems for automatic feeding of the sandwiching machine.
● Stacking unit for direct connection to the Module horizontal packaging machine.
● Automatic counting and feeding unit automatically connected to the on edge packaging machine.
● Sandwiching machine exit unit with product in flat or stacked position.
● Multiplier unit exiting sandwiching machine, for direct connection with cooling tunnel.

Contact: EverSmart Food Equipment Limited


Whatsapp: +8618688287288; +8613909087288




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