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Horizontal Packaging Machine

New features on the LPACK 301 flow wrapper provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency. The latest technology in gap control results in consistent and precise seal integrity. A standard dual spindle backstand with power feed roller allows for full automation, providing improved splicing, cutting, auto tracking and tight cut Offs.

The LPACK 301 flow wrapper can operate as an independent unit or can be integrated with other packaging systems such as Delta-robotics, secondary packaging equipment, product handling equipment, and various infeed modules.


● Fast, reliable automation for high production volumes.

● Low TCO (total cost of ownership), thanks to durable construction, long life time, low maintenance levels and high operating efficiency.

● High quality package appearance ensured through state-of-the-art film handling and sealing technology.


Technical Data

● Product Range

Product length 40 - 500 mm (1.6" - 20")

Product width 12 - 200 mm (0.5" - 7.9")

Product height 6 - 100 mm (0.23" - 3.9")

● Film Reel

Max. reel diameter 450 mm (17.7")

Max. reel weight 45 kg

Inner core diameter 70mm (2.8")

● Output

Max. output Up to 500 packages/min

Max. film speed Up to 50 m/min (1970"/min)


● Self-centering film roller

● End of roll / film breakage detection

● Auto splice with knife mechanism

● Automatic film tracking

● Cold seal unwind peeling rollers

● Air evacuation manifold

● Gusseting device

● No product - no film feature

● No gap - no seal feature

● Air reject of incorrect or empty packages

......more options available on request



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