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Danesita Cookies
Danesita Cookies Biscuit Manufacturer
Who's responsible for the world's tastiest biscuits? Since 1978, Danesita has been manufacturing the finest butter cookies & creamy biscuits. Find out...
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Creamy Kiss

A kiss is always a treat! A kiss with filling is a double treat… This sandwich biscuits brings fun, joy and delight when you bite our Creamy Kiss biscuits. These biscuits are deliciously crispy and the size is the perfect one for kids, as well as for adults.

Will you resist these desirable kisses?

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Nutrition table
Flavor Energy (kJ/kcal)Fat (of which saturates)Carbohydrates (of which sugars)Protein Salt
Cocoa150/1506.1 g (4.4 g)21.6 g (10.2 g)1.9 g0.2 g
Milk filling651/1556.7 g (4.6 g)21.2 g (11 g)2 g0.3 g
Strawberry644/1546.6 g (4.9 g)21.4 g (9.9 g)1.9 g0.3 g
Vanilla644/1546.6 g (4.9 g)21.4 g (9.9 g)1.9 g0.3 g
*values are per portion (32 g)
Weight (g): 180; Shelf Life: 12, Units per carton: 20; Cartons per row: 14; Cartons per pallet: 112
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