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Bakels Aromatic AB
Bakels Aromatic AB Ingredients
Aromatic is a Swedish bakery ingredients specialist recognized worldwide for high quality products. It helps bakeires to develop new ideas, optimize t...
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Coba alpha-gel emulsifier

Particularly good for giving biscuits and cookies a more tender eating structure, but also suitable for cakes.
Dosage 2-3% on total weight.

28 kg plastic pail

Benefits of an alpha-gel emulsifier

The optimal physical form of monoglyceride based emulsifiers aimed for cake production is the alpha-gel phase. This implies that an efficient interaction with batter components starts already when the emulsifier is added to the batter.

The alpha-gel emulsifier promotes the aeration of the cake batter by effecting the foam formation, so that a large number of small uniform air bubbles are produced.

Furthermore, it also stabilizes the batter during the baking process and the cake during the cooling. As a result, your final product will have high volume and an even uniform crumb structure.

Alpha-gel emulsifiers also prolong the freshness of the final product. Due to the efficient interaction of monoglycerides with starch, the starch retrogradation is delayed so that the soft and freshly baked appeal of your product remains for a long time.

Low dosage 

The pure quality and high concentration of distilled monoglycerides in emulsifiers from Bakels Aromatic implies that only a very low dosage is required to obtain a substantial difference in the finished product. Furthermore, the unique combination of different emulsifiers in our formulation also contributes to the high performance of our alpha-gel emulsifiers.

Product quality

Our alpha-gel emulsifiers come in a convenient paste form that easily disperses in the batter. In order to meet with our industrial customers’ demands for an easier, more automated production, we have also developed a unique range of liquid and pumpable alpha-gel emulsifiers.

The products are all of pure vegetable origin and free from GMO and allergens.

Bakels Aromatic alpha-gel emulsifiers have a very low level of trans fatty acids (<1%) and can easily be combined with liquid oil to further reduce this level also in the baked product. The carefully formulated composition of our emulsifiers ensures that they maintain their active alpha-gel phase for up to 12 months.

Fields of application

Alpha-gel emulsifiers can be used for all kinds of baking powder-based baked goods, such as sponges, Swiss rolls, muffins, pound cakes and madalenas. They can also be successfully applied in brioche, panettone and cookies.
When applied in ice cream, an alpha-gel emulsifier will produce a fine structure, which will result in a soft and smooth ice cream.

Outstanding alpha-gel emulsifiers

When applying an alpha-gel emulsifier from Bakels Aromatic in your production, you will soon be aware of the functionality

  • enables the All-in method, which implies shorter mixing time
  • requires no heating or dissolving
  • enables reduction of egg content in your recipe
  • gives high volume
  • disperses the fat in small and uniform droplets
  • gives homogenous cake batter
  • improves batter tolerance
  • gives fine uniform crumb structure
  • retards moisture loss
  • inhibits staling
  • extends freshness
  • prolongs shelf life of the baked product
  • gives uniform, reliable results due to its’ constant high product quality

As a result, you will also notice that the cost efficiency in your production has improved.

With our extensive experience of development and production of alpha-gel emulsifiers, Bakels Aromatic is a reliable and competent partner for professional baking. We offer a high quality alpha-gel emulsifier for every application.