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Berndorf Band Group
Berndorf Band Group Equipment Manufacturer
A one-stop-shop for steel belts & belt systems? Berndorf is globally recognized as a full-service provider for steel belt-supported purposes. Read mor...
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Berndorf Band Group Steel Belts

High-end material for industrial baking belts

Due to the exceptional mechanical and thermal demands placed on the systems, the quality of steel belts is paramount in the baking industry. To ensure that it is able to fulfil these requirements, Berndorf Band Group adheres to a systematic research and development strategy. All of the insights gained from research over time feed into development activities, allowing the company to manufacture reliable and stable belts that withstand conditions encountered in industrial baking, comply with the strictest hygiene regulations.

Berndorf Band Group only uses premium quality special steel in its belts. Material selection in respect of tensile strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal expansion is based on careful examination of individual specifications. The Berndorf Band Group developed a processing technique for CARBO 13 carbon special steel specifically for the baking industry, which is the main component of its belts. During production, the material goes through a complex heat treatment process, giving it the necessary tensile strength and surface quality. The steel belts can withstand operating temperatures of up to 400°C and retain heat thanks to their dark surface. Excellent heat conductivity not only ensures consistent product quality for baked goods, but also saves energy. 

Another advantage of the process belts manufactured by the Berndorf Band Group is that they are easy to clean. The smooth, wear resistant surface repels virtually all materials, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of cleaning required.

Optimal processes

Major temperature differences and heavy mechanical loading place a lot of strain on steel belts in day-to-day operations. This can lead to imbalances and subsequent production breakdowns, so making a clear focus on optimal belt tracking precision and installing the necessary mechanisms in advance is the most important. In addition to numerous components, Berndorf Band Group offers two different tensioning and tracking systems to ensure frictionless manufacturing: the bernmatic® belt tensioning and tracking system, and the berntrack® tracking system for installations that already have a tensioning device. After an expert from the Berndorf Band Group has inspected the existing equipment to identify which system is the best solution, it can be installed within just a few weeks.

Paying a visit to the Research & Development Center in Austria is highly recommended as an excellent way to gain an overview of the Berndorf Band Group’s expertise and outstanding engineering solutions. It gives customers a unique opportunity to sit down with qualified specialists, test various production processes and analyse the effectiveness of the systems and solutions developed by the Group. From exploring product development and process design, to testing and manufacturing production batches – there’s no limit to what customers can do at Berndorf.