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Bakels Aromatic AB
Bakels Aromatic AB Ingredients
Aromatic is a Swedish bakery ingredients specialist recognized worldwide for high quality products. It helps bakeires to develop new ideas, optimize t...
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All-round releasing agent for industrial production, primarily of sponges, Swiss rolls and similar baked goods. Formulated for oven bands, trays and sponge tins.

23 kg plastic can, 180 kg steel drum, 925 kg one-way tank

Easy and economical release

The release agents from Bakels Aromatic are based on pure vegetable raw materials, carefully formulated to provide a fine, high-density film of oil that easily releases your products from bands or tins.

Only an extremely thin film is required to cover the baking surface, which makes our products very economical in use.

In our range of release agents you will find oils for horizontal or vertical application, which are convenient for release of both hot and cold products. Our oils are easy to apply and evenly distributed, either by spraying or brush.

Simplifies cleaning and maintenance

Efficient release makes baking tins easier to clean. There is no risk for corrosion of your baking
surfaces. Furthermore, our release agents also inhibit carbonization, i.e. deposition of carbon
residues on the baking surfaces.

GMO and allergen status

In release agents, lecithin is often included as a raw material, which contributes to the releasing properties of the oil. In order to meet the requirements from our customers, some release agents from Bakels Aromatic are available with two different versions of lecithin; one originating from soya and one originating from sunflower.

For producers who want to avoid GMO and allergens in their production, the R-versions (with rapeseed lecithin) are recommended.

Product quality

All release agents from Bakels Aromatic are neutral in taste in order not to affect the flavour of the end product.

Our products are oxidation stable, which means that there is no risk for rancidity that might cause bad taste in baked goods with a longer shelf life.

Factors to consider when choosing release agent

The choice of release agent is as important as using the right recipe and baking times, as a high quality release agent will pay for itself by reducing the risk for production delays, product loss and rejects.

Among others, the following factors need to be carefully considered:

  • adequate release or adhesion properties of the oil depending on your application
  • spray or brush
  • economical in use
  • handling convenience
  • water content (corrosion risk)
  • risk for carbonization
  • oxidation stability
  • GMO status
  • allergen status

The proper release agent that fulfils your requirements for these factors will directly lead to improved cost efficiency for your production.

With extensive experience of development and production of release agents, Bakels Aromatic is a reliable and competent partner for professional baking.