Baci di Dama

by Biscottificio Grondona

Two protagonists for a romance 

Piemontese Hazelnuts and the purest fondant chocolate. Hazelnuts to produce the rich dough, baked into two fragrant shells of fine pastry. The fondant chocolate to unite the two halves in a marriage of flavor that the legend says is of royal origin.
Grondona carefully selects the finest whole “Tonda Gentile” hazelnuts from Piemonte, that are then roasted, peeled and ground just before preparing the dough. This is to ensure that none of the flavour is lost and each bite is an intense experience.
Inside every “Bacio”, there is a great love.

This product is also made with short pastry without flavourings or preservatives.

30 g, 75 g
Biscottificio Grondona was founded in 1820 in Liguria - Italian region famous for extra virgin olive oil, pesto sauce and cheese country.