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Vanilla wreath

Vanilla wreath baked with the best organic ingredients, 150g.

Ingredients: Wheat flour *, cane sugar *, vegetable fat *, palm oil *, canola oil *, coconut oil *), butter *, egg *, raising agent * (sodium carbonates), salt, emulsifier (lecithins), carrot juice *, lemon powder * (vanilla powder *) 0.08%). * = organic

Nutrition content per. 100g
Energy 2311kJ (552 kcal)
Fat 31 g
-of saturated fatty acids 14.4 g
Carbohydrates 62 g
-of sugars 26.4 g
Protein 5.6 g
Salt 0.55 g
Allergens: Wheat flour, butter, eggs

Organic Vanilla Wreath - Baked with butter
Organic vanilla wreath as a grandmother baked them and baked with butter, which we think a good cookie should be. The vanilla wreaths have the perfect taste of the vanilla sweetness while being crisp and delicious. Vanilla wreath is often associated with Christmas, but the cookie can actually be eaten year-round with pleasure. Serve it for afternoon coffee at home or take a package of our organic vanilla wreath on the trip into the wild. It is a classic that never goes out of fashion, and it is a sure winner for both children and adults. The vanilla comes from the Vanilla Orchid which is very demanding to grow. It grows only at 600 meters above sea level, where there is a warm and humid tropical climate. Primarily in Madagascar, Comoros, Mexico and Indonesia. Vanilla is considered to be the world's most popular flavor and the price of real vanilla is high.

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