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IPCO Equipment Manufacturer
Looking for quality baking equipment? IPCO is the largest & oldest manufacturer of steel bake oven belts, supplying OEMs & end users globally. Read mo...
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IPCO QuickCleaner

The IPCO QuickCleaner system offers a fast, easy and safe way of removing carbon residues and potentially hazardous acrylamide from steel belt conveyors used in bake ovens.

The QuickCleaner process is an innovative and extremely effective solution to the challenge of cleaning steel belts, using a low cost salt-based agent to clean, degrease and sanitize in one efficient operation.

This delivers a better quality, more appealing product and also eliminates the health risks associated with carbon build up.

Dual action cleaning with minimal downtime 

This innovative process, developed by IPCO – previously operating as Sandvik Process Systems – in partnership with food industry specialists and leading academic institutions, delivers a combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning actions.

The system works by blasting a combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and calcium phosphate across a moving belt, a method that removes the bulk of the residue without damaging the steel. The chemical action of the salt cleaner then attacks the organic residues at a molecular level, further enhancing the cleaning. A built-in suction hood removes the cleaning material from the belt as part of the same process.

Quick and environmentally friendly, it produces a clean, degreased belt, ready to return to operation. The process is completely dry, so there is no risk of rust, no need for waste water treatment and significantly lower energy consumption than with other cleaning methods.

Self-contained process

One of the IPCO QuickCleaner’s key benefits is that it is a closed system: the same dynamic hood that blasts the cleaning agent onto the belt also incorporates a powerful vacuum that collects the residues or other contaminating materials as it travels across the running belt.

This clean, self-contained operation means there’s no air-borne residue and other areas of a production facility can remain fully operational while belt cleaning take place.

No environmental risk

The use of a natural, safe cleaning agent means storage and handling is easy, there is no risk to personnel or the environment, and the cost of materials is considerably less than for other cleaning agents.

The process is completely dry, so there’s no risk of rust, no need for waste water treatment and significantly lower energy consumption than with other cleaning methods:

  • Closed, dual action system.
  • Minimal disruption to production.
  • Safe and clean – no dangerous chemicals.
  • Reduce cleaning times by as much as 70%.
  • No risk of erosion or other damage to the material.
  • Removes potentially hazardous acrylamide.

Ensures optimum quality of end product.

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