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Coffee & Mint Raw Bar

Organic raw bar with coffee and mint made from nuts and fruit with taste of coffee and peppermint.

Ingredients: Fruit 72% * (dates *, raisins *, apricots *, lemon *, lime *), nuts 13% * (cashews *, almonds *), cocoa 12% *, oat flakes *, virgin coconut oil *, himalaya salt, peppermint oil 0.02% *. * = Organic

Nutrition Content per. 100 g.
Energy 1498 kJ (356 kcal)
Fat 10 g -
of which saturated fatty acids 2.3 g
Carbohydrates 56 g -
of sugars 49 g
Dietary fiber 8.6 g
Protein 7.0 g
Salt 0.6 g
Allergens: cashews, almonds, oat flakes

Organic raw bar with coffee & mint made from nuts and fruit with taste of coffee and peppermint. Gluten. The peppermint has a nice fresh taste and together with the coffee it makes the raw bar very delicious and delicious. Perfect for the bag and the little hunger.

Raw Food generally consists of completely unprocessed foods that are not heat treated and processed in any way. This provides a greater yield of vitamins and minerals.

With an awareness that taste and quality always go hand in hand, raw materials and subcontractors at Mols Organic are carefully selected. The taste in our products is authentic with a Nordic twist, inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Danish national park Mols Bjerge, which is characterized by fresh sea air, the smell of grasslands and beautiful green forests.

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