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Zlatni Pek

It brings the spirit of long tradition and proven quality with affordable price. Zlatni Pek brings warmth and closeness into the family. It is suitable for fasting period, snacking combined with coffee and tea, and as a cake ingredient.

Zlatni Pek 750g is an excellent choice and gold worthy ingredient for making delicious homemade desserts. In its portfolio Zlatni Pek contains different formats and flavors such as Zlatni Pek 100g, 250g and 420g, Zlatni Pek Ground 285g, Zlatni Pek Cocoa 250g and 750g, Zlatni Pek Cocoa coated

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Bambi is a leading confectionery company in the Western Balkans region which has been operating within the Coca-Cola HBC since 2019.
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