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Net weight: 135g

EAN CODE: 8600043029512

Commercial pack: 24

Expiration date: 12 months

Plazma Cube

Plazma Cube covered with the finest chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy pieces of Plazma is the perfect choice when you want to treat yourself and your senses, because the sweetest bite is always saved for the end.

Thanks to its sophisticated and practical packaging, Plazma Cube is convenient for sharing and giving, so surprise your loved ones with the sweetest bites inspired by childhood carefreeness and enriched with the finest tastes for all senses to enjoy.

In addition to 135g milky Plazma Cube, there is also a double bigger, 270g pack.

And that is not all: if you prefer white chocolate, there is Plazma Cube with white chocolate and coconut, sprinkled with crunchy pieces of Plazma.

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Bambi is a leading confectionery company in the Western Balkans region which has been operating within the Coca-Cola HBC since 2019.
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