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  • We can offer a wide variety of flavor options. Our spectrum ranges from sweet to savory and everything in between. We have a few staple flavors available or we can customize something entirely new. The sky’s the limit on flavor and color combinations.="line-height:>
  • We can offer our inclusions based on palm fat (MB) and/or sunflower oil.
  • We provide our inclusions in both nugget and flake forms because we know that no two products are the same.

Our goal is to provide our partners with as many options as possible.

Balchem Inclusions

Balchem Inclusions are functional ingredients that help protect and deliver flavor, aroma, color and texture to a variety of end-use applications. 

These fat-based inclusions were designed to be easily incorporated into food products and only release their functional components once the product is baked.

Without having to change the original formula, there couldn’t be an easier way to add a new twist to an old favorite by adding a Balchem delivery system.

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Balchem Corporation Ingredients from United States
Balchem Corporation
Ingredients from United States
Our microencapsulates & inclusions are tailored for use in your specific product. Let us help you select the right ingredient.
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