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Balchem Corporation
Balchem Corporation Ingredients from United States Ingredients
Our microencapsulates & inclusions are tailored for use in your specific product. Let us help you select the right ingredient.
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BakeShure® Leavening - Sodium Bicarbonate

BakeShure® microencapsulated leavening provides full control of the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and the acidic components within dough and batter, improving baked product yield and appearance. Microencapsulation extends the viability of frozen dough and increases flexibility in the production of fresh and refrigerated bakery products. 


  • Product appearance
  • Release of chemical leavening
  • Outgassing in finished product packaging


  • Against unwanted interactions
  • Leavening performance throughout shelf life
  • From freeze thaw abuse 
  • From greying of dough


  • Superior finished product volume
  • Improved production flexibility
  • New product opportunities
  • Extended product shelf life
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