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EVERSMART Sandwiching Machine With Wrapping Line

Sandwich layer creamer and pipeline with real-time temperature control system.

In the running process of machine, the brush and compressed air will automatically clean the biscuit pushing chain.

There is no biscuit no cream system, automatic recovery of feed after there are biscuits.

Easy operation: simple machine adjustment, machine settings and alarm detecting can be done through 10 inch HMI.

Manual or automatic loading of biscuits, vibrating feeder can also be chosen for feeding.

Garbage catch tray which can be disassembled easily can facilitate machine cleaning and maintenance.

Shape: including: round, square, rectangular or special shape.

Efficient servo system, seamless connection with packaging machine;

Can almost connect with any brand of pillow type packaging machine;

Typical forms of packaging: 2×1,2×2,2×3,2×4,or even 2x5 or 2x6.

Technical Data

● Applicable biscuit specification:

Round biscuit: Φ35-Φ65;

Rectangular biscuit: 35-65

Thickness of biscuit:2-8

● Yield: Depending on the product characteristics. Mechanical speed maximum 1600 Sandwich/ min

● Product flow direction: left to right

● Feeding biscuit form: Vibration feeding biscuit;

● Operating voltage: THREE-phase 380V 50HZ

● Machine weight: 1500kg

● Power: 6KW


Single-color or double-color cream filling;

It can match with automatic feeding system,

According to the service environment, row multiplier is configurable, which can be directly connected to the cooling tunnel;

Row multiplier is configurable and directly connected to the coating line to get more product tastes.

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