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Dairy by Nature

Discover Dairy by Nature, a flavour portfolio that provides a more indulgent, authentic and complete taste experience by expertly blending traditional dairy ingredients and advanced science.

Across the globe, consumer demand for indulgence, convenience and authenticity is driving significant growth in the bakery market. Synergy Flavours is leading the way, innovating in partnership with our customers to deliver more diverse and enticing products to meet consumer expectations.

Whether it is creating the same sensory performance as real butter in brioche or enhancing cheese notes in snacks or imparting improved creaminess in fillings and building back indulgence in calorie reduced cakes, Dairy by Nature delivers superior longevity of flavour, mouthfeel and aroma.Aligned with consumer trends our range offers clean label solutions, with both dairy-based and plant-based options.

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Synergy Flavours Ingredients from Italy
Synergy Flavours
Synergy Flavours is a leading global innovator in flavourings, extracts and essences.