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Märtens Transportbänder GmbH
Märtens Transportbänder GmbH Equipment Manufacturer
We belong to the "world wide" market leaders in the supply of rod network belts, PU conveyor belts, special separating belts and silicone-mould belts
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PU Conveyor Belt


Whether with a transparent or coloured coating or special impregnation of the polyester fabric, our high-quality PU conveyor belts are very durable yet extremely flexible due to the special materials used in our unique, low-impact production process. Of course, they are also approved for the transportation of food in accordance with VO EC 1935/2004 and VO EU 10/2011.


  • Approved for use in food processing
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent lay flat properties
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Flexible


  • Bread and bakery industry
  • Confectionery industry, nuts and crisps


  • Automatic scales
  • Cooling conveyor belt in the confectionery industry
  • Packaging equipment
  • Sorting systems


  • PU-A/1
  • PU-G/1
  • PU-G/2 AS 2363
  • PU-HA/1
  • PU-HA/2
  • PU-J/1
  • PU-J/2
  • PU-M/1
  • PU-M/2
  • PU-W/1
  • PU-X/1
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