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Baker Perkins Ltd
Baker Perkins Ltd Equipment Manufacturer
Baker Perkins supplies lines and equipment for producing every conceivable type of soft and hard biscuit, cookie and cracker.
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United Kingdom
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TruClean Wirecut

The TruClean Wirecut brings automation and flexibility to the production of wirecut cookies and bars.

Best-in-class weight control is achieved through die and filler block technology unique to Baker Perkins wirecuts. Exceptional reliability, fast changeovers, low waste and minimal giveaway enable high production rates to be maintained while keeping operating costs low.

Adhering to Baker Perkins’ TruClean standard, the TruClean Wirecut has been designed in accordance with the latest industry guidelines on sanitation to reduce cross-contact risks and cleaning times.

Unique dual servo system with low operating and upgrade costs

Fast changeovers, low waste and minimal giveaway along with easier cleaning reduces operating costs; open access, fewer moving parts and easy removal of components means maintenance costs are also reduced. The traditional mechanical system, with many manual adjustments, has been replaced by a unique dual servo system with minimal parts. The TruClean Servo Wirecut is compatible with existing Baker Perkins filler blocks and dies.

Servo-driven for precise, one-touch recipe control

A patented two-axis servo system provides infinite variability to the cutting and return paths, enabling optimum cutting performance at high speeds or on difficult dough. Tailored profiles can be created for each individual product and loaded at the touch of a button. Intuitive touch-screen controls provide full process visualization, historical trending, alarm history and recipe management.

Unique die and filler block technology for precise weight control

The TruClean Wirecut offers outstanding weight accuracy of +/- 1% on plain dough and 2% on dough with inclusions, through unique die and filler block technology. The filler block ensures consistent product weight accuracy across the band, with less giveaway and less waste. The clamshell head allows rapid, tool-free removal of the filler block and die assembly for cleaning and fast product changeovers. For products with inclusions, cutting consistency and deposit accuracy can be improved with an oscillating knife.

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