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Cavanna Equipment Manufacturer
Cavanna is an Italian company specialized in packaging systems wrapping machines and in cartoning equipment.
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Slice spreader has been designed to feed the toasting oven in toast bread applications. The bread is conveyed from the slicer through transfer and grouping belts to the tray infeed conveyor. After load is transferred to the slice spreader storage area by means of two holding and pushing plates, where it joins the previously transferred product. The pushing action of the lower plate is precisely set by a sensitive pressure control system of the slices over the slicing roller, which allows the perfect geometry of the flat slices on the oven mesh conveyor. All drives are axis-controlled. The equipment can be used for different formats, ranging from mini-toasts to lidless baked bread, and its dimensions are tailored to the oven width for the maximum space use. Speed can arrive to 120 rows across per minute, which means a rate of above 5000 slices per minutes for a 3 metres wide oven.

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