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Flynn Burner Corporation
Flynn Burner Corporation Equipment Manufacturer
A global leader in the manufacture of burners and accessories for the baking industry
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United States
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Flame Safety

Flynn Dual Solenoid Gas Valve

The Flynn Dual Solenoid Gas Valve consists of 2 solenoid valves in 1 body.

The Flynn Dual Solenoid Gas Valve can be used with any clean gaseous fuel, natural gas, propane, butane, LPG, LNG, etc, at pressures up to 2 PSIG.

Meets dual solenoid valve requrenment of NFPA 86 for inputs ≤ 150,000 BTU/HR & Canadian Standard CAN I-6.5:

8.8.2* Fuel Gas Safety Shutoff Valves. Each main and pilot fuel gas burner system shall be separately equipped with either of the following:
(1) Two safety shutoff valves piped in series
(2) For radiant tube– red burner systems only, a single safety shutoff valve where either of the
following conditions is satis ed:
(a) The tubes are of metal construction and open at one or both ends with heat recovery
systems, if used, that are of explosion-resistant construction.
(b) The entire radiant tube heating system, including any associated heat recovery system, is
of explosion-resistant construction.
A.8.8.2 (from NFPA-86 2011)

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