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Steinhaus GmbH
Steinhaus GmbH Equipment Manufacturer
Looking for quality baking equipment? Steinhaus GMBH manufactures top class baking oven belts, cleanbelts, rolled baking oven belts, and more. Read mo...
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The maintenance free CLEANBELT cleaning system has been specifically developed for rolled baking oven belts made by Steinhaus. The spiral structure of our rolled baking oven belts is equal, with good angularity and always with the same number of spirals along the whole belt length. This advantage of the invariable mesh number is used by CLEANBELT in breaking the dirt in the belt’s mesh structure without missing a mesh. The oven’s brush systems to follow can then, if used adequately, remove the dirt better and more effectively. Problems in daily operation caused by soiled baking oven belts such as detracted air circulation in the oven, increased costs for heat management, reduced flexibility and operational lifetime of the belt – all these adverse effects will be counteracted successfully by the CLEANBELT system in combination with the existing oven’s brushes.

• The system works continuously and mechanically nearly maintenance free (only regular cleaning by compressed air or jet water)

• Additional manual cleaning of the baking oven belt is either no more necessary or reduced to a minimum at much greater intervals

• Improved oven’s heat management at reduced costs

• Considerably reduced energy consumption for heating

• Longer operational life time, since no more belt changes because of dirt

• Suitable for several belt life time cycles

• Easy installation since no electric components involved

• Investment pays off in a short time

• Developed by and in cooperation with our French partner TMFCT, an experienced service company for the baking industry, CLEANBELT systems have been operating successfully since more than 7 years to the great satisfaction of our clients. By now (summer 2018), our cleaning systems is installed in more than ~75 tunnel ovens in ~18 countries worldwide.

• Among our clients are companies, well-respected in the baking world, in countries like: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Poland, Czechia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Tunesia, etc. ...