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Sonarome Pvt Ltd
Sonarome Pvt Ltd Ingredients
Sonarome is the Manufacturer of Flavours, Biscuits & Bakery Flavours, Beverages, Confectionery Flavours
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Vanilla Flavour ( Biscuits & Bakery / Confectionery Flavours )

Sonarome is the manufacturer of Flavours , Seasonings, Emulsion and Concentrate with its presence over 3 decades in the market and certified by ISO 22000, WHO GMP, Kosher certified company. With its continuing innovation and total commitment it is able to create a niche of its own in a highly competitive market, providing customers with high quality products.


1) Biscuits & Bakery

2) Beverages

3) Confectionery

4) Health and Nutrition

5) Fruit Juices and Fruit based beverages

6) Dairy and Frozen Desserts

7) Encapsulated Spray dried Powder

8) Seasonings

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Sonarome Pvt Ltd

Business Development Executive

Ph: +91 8030902200 / 9916663126