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Jeurgens BV
Jeurgens BV Biscuit Manufacturer
Bakery - Biscuits - Trifles - Sponge fingers - Meringues - Crumb
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Since the year 2000, Meringue are a part of the product range of Jeurgens. Meringue is made of a mixture of egg white and sugar, without milk protein. If applicable, colouring and flavouring can be added to the recipe.

The possibilities within Meringues are unlimited. Variations in shape, colour and decorations are possible within this range.

Besides the standard shapes like swirls and nests, other shapes like drops, eggs, flowers, hearts, Christmas bells, Christmas trees etc. are also possible.

It is also possible to enrich Meringue with fruit pieces, nuts and chocolate pieces. Chocolate, chocolate compounds and sugar pearls can also be used as decoration.