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FBM TECHNOLOGIES LTD Equipment Manufacturer
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Auto Biscuit Line ::: Automatic Biscuit Line

FBM, Turnkey Solution Provider for Bakery Industry and other food industry

We have high quality proven and stable auto biscuit line which can make hard and soft dough biscuit with multiple options.

Complete automatic biscuit, cracker and cookie production plants / automatic biscuit plant, automatic biscuit line, automatic biscuit machine, hard and soft dough biscuit line . The equipment is designed with cutting edge but proven and stable technologies with latest engineering and control expertise to maximize the performance while making machines easier to operate, maintain and clean.

But we are cost competitive than the value we deliver to you which comfort you. We don’t forget once we sell the machine! Our service certainly starts along with your business growth. We truly believe that your growth is our growth.

Our core strength is we support our customers make nice products out of a single machine and special product development with our complete formulation and ingredient combination.

 Our promise is to give you higher value for money with multiple value added options for products that we address “Single Investment with Multiple Return!”

If you buy our biscuit line.

You can make high quality biscuits , both hard and soft dough biscuits

Besides we can turn your biscuit line into a snacks line and also for special value added products which can be sold in a higher price than common biscuits

We can help you right machine selection, product selection, making different products from a single line, invest on single line and get multiple return, Product development, package development, Building layout, all utilities support, drainage design.

Like most common auto biscuit line supplier only assure you to make hard and soft biscuit production, but we go beyond that, we can help make Hello panda type biscuit, different snacks (chips) like tortilla chips (Doritos), baked potato chips, lentil chips, pita chips, spicy Indian cracker

Our strength is special product development capacity catering your need.

Gradual improvement and receiving and listening to customers feedback is our goal. We always listen to you.

You can choose us for

snacks line

extruded snacks line

chocolate line

wafer line

candy line

potato chips line

So please be with us, listen to us and get the ultimate benefit.

Eagerly waiting for your valued reply.