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Diamalteria Italiana Srl
Diamalteria Italiana Srl Ingredients
Diamalteria Italiana is a malted ingredients specialist: Colour, Taste and Volume are just some of the benefits our malt extracts can bring to you.
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Malt Extracts

Have you ever used Malt Extract in biscuits? 
NO?!   What are you waiting for? 

Malt Extract has many benefits and with its notes of caramel and honey, the taste experience is unforgettable. 

It is a natural source of Vitamin B and Beta Glucans and it is also a natural sweetener with its irresistible sugar profile!

We can offer a real differentiation thanks to our colour range, ask our experts and match your malt extract for the perfect recipes. 

Once tasted biscuits with malt extract, your clients will start to love it!