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Dream of Sweden
Dream of Sweden Biscuit Manufacturer
Dream of Sweden offer unique Swedish cookies with a wide variety of flavors packaged in exclusive tins.
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Dream of Christmas - Ginger Thins

Our Ginger Thins (Pepparkaka in Swedish) are baked using a traditional Swedish recipe. The cookies have a unique taste and are avored with cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Ginger Thins started to appear in Swedish cook books in the 18th century. Ginger Thins can be enjoyed during all seasons but are especially popular in Sweden around the holiday season. It is told that a former King in Sweden was prescribed Ginger Thins by his doctor to cure his bad mood. This has led to a myth that is still being told to children in Sweden until this very day. Eat a few more Ginger Thins, it will make you kinder! Packaged in an exclusive tin box available in two designs and in sizes of 200g or 500g.