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Bühler AG
Bühler AG Equipment Manufacturer
Bühler - full-service provider of integrated solutions for producing a wide range of foods like chocolate, cocoa, nuts, biscuits, various bars etc.
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ChoCoat™ Quick Change Over

The new concept for chocolate enrobing allows the lower machine body to be completely removed from the line and replaced by a second one containing the new mass which is simply guided in. This ensures that all parts in contact with product are removed from the line and no cleaning is required. Also, any contamination of the enrobing mass through cleaning agents, water or other colored mass is positively excluded.

The advantages at a glance:

No contamination of the chocolate for quick cleaning concepts with conventional water. No personnel or material expenses for cleaning. Significantly faster change of enrobing masses.

More time available for additional production. Savings in production time allows a variety of enrobing masses impossible up until now. The lower parts of the machine are interchangeable for identical lines or machines.

For production with multiple enrobing lines, identical working widths can be purchased for the less-in-demand enrobing masses (i.e., white chocolate) but that can be used on all lines one after the other. This maintains very high operating capacity, justifies the additional purchase and offers greater product variety.

Small batches can also be easily handled without losing capacity from long set-up and cleaning times for shorter delivery times.