Pionir company is one of the leading producers of confectionary products in South Europe with more 98 years of tradition.
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Honey cakes with fruit filling coated with chocolate, Pionir’s brand leader, with a tradition of 36 years, is indispensable candy and snack.
Intended for all generations and for all time. Make it a unique form of biscuits, rich content of vitamins and crispy texture.
The Pioneer company, thanks to its almost hundred years of experience in the production of delicacy, has created this product for all housewives to pr...
Vitanova wholemeal biscuits makes a perfect combination of 6 kinds of grains and vitamins B1 and E. They represent a source of fiber, which is ideal f...
Besides Vitanova integral biscuits (chocolate, butter, milk, hazelnuts and raisins) in a classic package, recently these flavors are available in smal...