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The story of a long tradition of manufacturing biscuits, wafers and snacks.

The ancient city of Osijek (Croatia) is first mentioned in 1196, and is located at major European crossroads in the heart of Slavonia. Here, in 1909, is where the story of Karolina begins.

Karolina is a biscuit, wafer and snack factory. During all these years, while meeting demanding global standards set by the confectionery industry, we are also actively developing our products and putting forth innovation that raises the standards of the confectionery market.

Thanks to a long tradition of excellence and consumer loyalty, we have created the Jadro and Moto brands. For decades, Jadro wafers and Moto biscuits have been providing consumers with guaranteed satisfaction in taste, quality, and convenience by offering a wide range of original tastes and convenient packaging.

Original flavors and shapes characterize Moto biscuits. These filled tea biscuits have flower- shaped biscuits with a hole in the middle joined with the finest cream. In addition, the exceptional quality of Jadro wafers has gained them numerous loyal customers.

Today, Karolina is member of KRAŠ Group and operates as a modern, market-oriented company. We strongly support a system of values and ethics that includes the reliability and professionalism to create satisfied, loyal employees who identify with our mission. Our employees achieve better results due to this pride in the company.

Karolina holds HACCP and IFS certificates, earned through the implementation of systematic quality control measures. Through these high standards, Karolina promises their consumers safe products, allowing the presence of these products in the markets of Western Europe and overseas.

Recognizable quality, from raw materials to the final products, is the trademark of our name and brand with a long tradition of experience and innovation.

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