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J4 Tunnel Ovens

J4 is tunnel oven manufacturer since 1994. Producing wide range of baking tunnel ovens for bakeries and confectioneries. One of the leading global producers, currently with more than 740 installations in 48 countries.
J4 s.r.o. started as successor of Czechoslovakian company TMS, who delivered more than 2000 tunnel ovens in 70s - 80s. Building about 30 ovens per year makes form J4 real specialist in industrial baking. Massive design, high quality materials and components and high customization generates baking satisfaction amongst the customers, who are returning after the first installation.


J4 offers full range of continuous baking ovens

Different heating system:
- cyclothermic ovens
- convection (air impingement) ovens
- direct electric heated ovens
- direct fired ovens with open flame
- direct heated ovens with closed flame
- hybrid ovens combining different heating systems

Different conveyor types:
- full steel belt of width up to 1,5 m
- perforated full steel belt of width up to 1,5 m
- different wire mesh belts of width up to 4 m
- link plate belt of width up to 3,2 m
- stone plate belt of width up to 3,1 m

Robust construction, high quality components (brands Weishaupt, Lenze, SEW, SKF, Sandvik, Siemens, Télémécanique), high operability and easy maintenance are the key advantages of J4 ovens.

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