Berndorf Band Steel Belt

by Berndorf Band

High Quality Steel Belts, Service & more

When it comes to baking, steel belts are exposed to extreme mechanical and thermal stress. Berndorf Band steel belts are made to match these high demands with superior quality and reliability even at fluctuating operating temperatures and a high number of load cycles.

During each production step in our workshop all steel belts are run in endless condition between two drums. The result of this production method is perfect tracking and optimum belt straightness.

For you as a customer this means less down time as a result of tracking problems and longer belt life due to less belt damage.

Furthermore steel belts from Berndorf Band offer an excellent degree of flatness leading to improved product quality and less scrap. They not only meet the strictest of hygiene standards but they are also easy to clean.

Due to CARBO 13 a Berndorf belt for baked goods can easily handle operating temperatures of up to 400°C. The uniform dark, heat-absorbing surface ensures highest product quality and energy efficiency.

With the martensitic steel CARBO 32 Berndorf Band offers a process belt for food applications with a lot of advantages, e.g. easy weldability, high resistance against abrasion and deformation as well as a high level of fatigue strength under bending stress.

Extensive Competence on Behalf of the Client

Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality bake oven belts our main focus is to ensure that our customers receive the very best support.

Berndorf Band has an international service network offering steel belt installation, repair and inspection. Highly qualified Berndorf Band engineers and service technicians can perform inspections on your steel belt and conveyor.

We also offer special engineering services related to conveyor improvements. Together with the customer our team works out solutions for a smooth production process.

After extensive process analysis and feasibility studies an adequate answer is found for every single application.

This leads from conception to delivery and installation of conveyor components such as skid- and graphite bars, idler rollers or belt cleaning elements.

A further example of Berndorf Band’s comprehensive service is the adjustment of steel belts and all belt touching parts as the elimination of belt tracking problems increases the life cycle of steel belts and minimizes down time.

To round out our product range we offer Belt Tracking Rollers. These adjustable support rollers are developed by Berndorf Band Engineering, a daughter company of Berndorf Band.

Precise belt tracking is ensured by vertical adjustment of the rollers. The active proportional belt tracking system monitors belt tracking continuously.



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